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Nurturing Hearts and Educating Minds

Eight 90-minute Sessions
Tuesdays and Thursdays
12:00pm to 1:30pm PDT / 7:00pm to 8:30pm GMT
starting Tue, July 14

for Educators and Parents with Diane G. Tillman
Co-Founder of Living Values Education
Primary author of the LVE series of books

A recent article reviewing dozens of studies by Diana Divecha and Marc Brackett in the International Journal on Bullying Prevention (2019) shows the best ways for reducing bullying, along with other forms of aggression and conflict, are a positive school climate and social and emotional learning.  These are hallmarks of Living Values Education (LVE).

  • LVE, an evidence-based innovation, helps educators create supportive positive school climates where students feel valued and become co-creators of a culture of peace and respect. 
  • LVE professional development sessions engage educators in a process to explore a model to help all students move toward their potential.
  • Quality tools are shared which help adults interact with young people in such a way that they feel cared for, valued, respected, understood and safe. 
  • Educators facilitate values activities with students to help them explore values while developing intrapersonal and interpersonal social emotional skills to live those values. 

Relevant to Today’s Needs

      The original award-winning LVE activities books for young people ages three to seven, eight to fourteen years, and young adults are being updated and expanded to meet the needs of the time.  The first of two volumes for each age level have been published.  A few of the special areas now addressed are dealing with bullying in assertive and proactive ways, reflecting on and creating guidelines for involvement in social media, and developing a voice and positive social skills to create inclusion and respect.  These topics are grounded in lessons on exploring peace, respect, tolerance, and caring.  Lessons for young adults include content and activities to understand and explore methods to help deal with anxiety and depression, dating violence, abuse and drug use.  

      Eight Values Units in LVE Activities Book 1:  Peace, Respect, Love and Caring, Tolerance, Honesty, Happiness, Responsibility, and Simplicity and Caring for our Earth and Her Oceans. 

      At-Risk Resources:  LVE has special resources materials for educators of street children, refugees and children affected by war, at-risk youth and youth in need of drug rehabilitation. 

Results of Implementing LVE

Bullying and violence are replaced with conflict resolution skills, peace time, respect, caring, spontaneous discussions among students about values, better relationships with peers and adults, and greater achievement.  While individual teachers experience these results in their classrooms with LVE, for a supportive, positive and safe school climate whole school implementation is highly recommended. 

Topics of the Eight-Session Course on Zoom

Diane will cover many of the topics taken up during LVE Workshops to prepare educators/facilitators to use LVE effectively.  The first four sessions will include an LVE overview, a values reflection, visualizing what you would like your school/organization/ home to be, exploring the LVE Theoretical Model, understanding how LVE helps young people explore and develop values through the Developing Values Schematic, and a values activity, mind mapping a value and its opposite.  In the next four sessions, Diane will explore skills to create a values-based atmosphere, including acknowledgement, appreciation and building positive behaviors, active listening, blockers and stoppers to communication, what to do after active listening, peace and respect-based discipline, and conflict resolution.  We will close the course with strategies for strengthening whole school/facility/home implementation.  Some sessions will include the opportunity for practicing skills in breakout rooms.    

About the Presenter

Diane G. Tillman is the primary author of the Living Values Education Series of books, ten LVE resources books for young people at risk, and a parenting guide.  A Licensed Educational Psychologist and Marriage and Family Therapist, she worked in a California public school system for 23 years as a School Psychologist.  With LVE since its inception in August of 1996, she has traveled to 30 countries in all regions of the world to conduct LVE seminars and workshops at conferences, schools, universities, retreat centers and refugee camps, for educators, parents, ministries of education, UNESCO and street-children agencies.

If you have questions regarding this course only, the WhatsApp contact in the USA is 1 916 847-0481.

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